'Sewing' Crazy Quilt

 45 x 57 inches
Various fabrics
Machine Embroidery enhanced with Hand Embroidery
a Crazy Quilt sewn during 2012 and finished January 2013
It consists of 12 blocks that correspond to the 12 colors of the Color Wheel
Embroidery was inspired by the TAST challenge of 2012
Embellishments were from a personal collection gathered during years of sewing
Detail Blocks from Upper Left to Lower Right:

Individual Color Blocks
Approximately 12" square
Machine Embroidered Feature with Hand Embroidered enhancement
Design Source as Link
Sewing Machine design from Urban Threads
Dress form design from Urban Threads
Scissor design from Urban Threads
Sewing Tools design from Embroidery Library
Keep Calm design from Urban Threads
Peace Sign design from Urban Threads

Sewing machine design from Urban Threads

Sewing machine design from Embroidery Library

Collage design from Embroidery Library

Sewing design from Embroidery Library

Dressform design from Urban Threads
Craft Head design from Urban Threads 


  1. What a fun, cheerful piece! The border is perfect. Are you going to hang this somewhere special? In your studio?

  2. Beautiful quilt, love all the tone-on-tone embellishments!

  3. Oh, Man! Debra, you have really outdone yourself! It's beyond beyond. I love the colors of course, but the black & white that runs through the whole thing really takes it to the Universe and back. Brava!

  4. What a fabulous piece! You can tell you really enjoyed creating this - full of color and design!

  5. congratulations on a beautiful finish!! It is absolutely scrumptious!!

  6. This is so awesome,love the colors and way of embelishing it ,thanks for sharing!

  7. Love all the varied sewing themed bits in the center of each block!

  8. Beautifully done! Congratulations!!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! You should be proud! Hugs, Cathy

  10. Well Done Debra, you have done a wonderful job of putting it all together, the colours just spring out at you. It's a great sense of achievement when it's finished, I found that when I finished my Tree skirt. Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful journey.


  11. This is fabulous and wonderful. And you did it! I have lots of quilts in my head that somehow don't get done. It's wonderful and thanks for sharing in such great detail.

  12. This is just stunning! Have not seen and love the "slave to the machine" and cubist looking sewing machine. You color choices are oh so perfect. Saw you through Embroidery Library's share.

  13. Gorgeous! You did a really beautiful job. Hope you are entering this somewhere!

  14. What a beautiful wallhanging! Love the colors as well as the machine & hand embroidery....what a wonderful family heirloom! KUDOS to you!

  15. Wow.....I think that is about the prettiest work of art I have ever seen.

  16. Remarkable......what a great way to commemorate a year!
    Simply wonderful..

  17. That is absolutely beautiful!! Love your choices of colors, embellishments and embroidery designs!


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